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Diploma of Energetic & Informational Medicine
Melbourne October 1-5th
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Become a qualified Energetic & Informational Medicine™ Practitioner!

We would like to help you to understand and use your comprehensive training in the field of Energetic & Informational Medicine™ so that you can help yourself others

Join the institute, gain qualifications, apply for membership and be eligible to apply for insurance coverage for this modality!

WE ALL NEED to qualify for practitioner INSURANCE!

The Diploma course if offered by the Australasian Institute of Health & Healing P/L and is the only recognized and accredited organization to present this course.

This course is open to all that wish to qualify in Energetic & Informational Medicine irrespective of what system or systems they are currently using.

The course will be presented in Melbourne, Australia in October on the 19th 20th 21st 22nd 23rd   this is a 5 day course. 

For more information and bookings, contact Tara at or

Courses offered through Energy Medicine International

We will be presenting the Diploma of Energetic & Informational Medicine™ and also the Advanced Diploma of Energetic & Informational Medicine™ in 2012

The Modality of Energetic & Informational Medicine™ has now been accepted and upon finishing our course the practitioners are able to qualify to join the Institute of Energetic & Informational Medicine  and also apply for insurance.


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  • Training in Version 5 for Beginners
  • Training in Version 6 for Beginners
  • Training in Version 6 for Advanced
  • Inergetix CoRe™ Practitioner Training 
  • Diploma in Energetic & Informational Medicine™
  • Advanced Diploma in Energetic & Informational Medicine™
  • Customised Specialist Training
  • Online Training
  • Inergetix CoRe™ Practitioner Training Workshop

Customised Specialist Training

Dr Katherine and Dr Thomas Tassioulas present Customised Specialist Training for the SPA, Resort and Wellness Industry, the training is designed specifically for the needs of the Client

Online Training

Online training is available on demand and also live weekly online training is available

Diploma Information

Our Accredited Training in the Diploma of Energetic & Informational Medicine™ not only gives you the training you need, but also qualifies you to join an association and have insurance coverage 

Energetic & Informational Medicine™ has now become a modality and as such is accepted by insurance companies, so after training with our company and or the Training Manual and completing the training webinars for the Diploma, you can join an association and get insurance.

WE ALL NEED to qualify for practitioner INSURANCE!

Purchasing the manual and completing the exercises in it can form  part of the Diploma for the Energetic & Informational Medicine™.

We are making this option and the Webinar Diploma Training for the people that cannot make it in person to our Diploma training.

Inergetix-CoRe endorses This Training and This Training Manual!

This is a bonus!  Upon purchasing this Manual and completing the exercises the Practitioner will have credits for the Qualification of the Diploma for the Energetic & Informational Medicine™

Register Now!  To be the best at what you do Become a Qualified Practitioner, click on this link and express your interest to become a certified and qualified Energetic & Informational Medicine™ Practitioner, We will contact you with the information

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Upon completion of your Diploma of Energetic & Informational Medicine, become eligible to have insurance in this Modality.


Inergetix CoRe Practitioner Training Workshop

With the recent launch of CoRev6 we have developed a two day comprehensive workshop for users wanting to understand more about how it works. We have an early-bird special for registration that ends 10th October so get in now!

Dr Katherine Tassioulas will be presenting a workshop on 29th & 30th October at the Amora Hotel in Melbourne  

Training is from 9am to 5pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Morning and afternoon tea is provided.

Whether you are new to CoRe or a current and advanced user this workshop has something for you.       We will also be showing the new LaesEr Bioresonance System.

All participants will also receive a copy of the NEW CoRe Comprehensive Training Manual - the first of its kind and worth $440. The course will consist of a 'hands on approach' in regards to the user of the Inergetix-CoRe™ system and will involve the user of your laptops with the training.

This workshop will be conducted to help users understand and user the Inergetix-CoRe™  system as practitioners and also part of the workshop will include the requirements of the manufacturer for the user of the Health Navigator.

The training we provide is so that you can further your education in energetic and informational medicine,

Our Practitioner training workshops, are competency based and hands on as we all work with the program and through the exercises

We are expanding our training to give people greater knowledge and the benefits of the Inergetix-CoRe™  system

The Australasian Institute of Health & Healing Pty.Ltd is one of the accredited trainers with the Energetic & Informational Medicine Institute, that you may decide to become members of…


Some of the things we will cover in the v6 CoRe Practitioner Workshop

Step by step instructions and time for you to practise each step from loading new clients to completing an evaluation, setting communications and running reports.

You will know how to find CoRe on your computer, how to backup and restore, how to repair your software, uninstall and reinstall your software. Where to find software updates, how to download and update your system.

Examples using all Client types, locators, loading notes,

Re – evaluating reports, deleting resonances or reports and adding further resonances.

How auto communication works (being mindful that CoRe is a work in progress and that things may change), and how periodic communication works. Reviewing what communications are running and deleting those that have been completed.

Creating beautiful images for a new screen, how to put notes on it.

The creation of new screens, groups, and resonances. Adding groups to other screens. Creating a screen of your favourite groups.

Finding your way around the database.

Import of excel and cdf files and export of cdf files.

Building groups in excel. Advantages of using copy, paste, concatenate.

Converting and loading disease specific frequencies for informational communication (advanced – must have a good working knowledge of excel to attempt this).

Backup of resonances that you have created.

Examples of protocols that you can follow as you build you confidence to then create your own.

Examples using Biofeedback, Resonant Frequencies, Disease Specific Frequencies with attachments and informationaly, Organ Balancing

Using EMDR, customising and creating photos that use the full screen.

HARDWARE: demonstration of all attachments, safety requirements and precautions.

Practitioner Tips throughout the day on what has worked for myself and others.

We will be preparing more courses and workshops throughout the year for whomever would like to attend…..

The practitioner training in v6 of the Inergetix-CoRe™  program will be a part of a larger training within the New Year….

We will be presenting more workshops soon.

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