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CoRe workshop feedback:

I came into the workshop hoping to become as proficient as possible with this amazing system. I was not disappointed!

There was so much information packed into the weekend, and whatever information couldn't be given during the weekend was put into the amazing invaluable training manual. I'm constantly referring to this manual as I find my way around the system. I don't know how anyone could even think of purchasing CoRe without investing in this document. The workshop and the manual were priceless!


warm regards

Nineveh Daniel

BHSc (Nat) (SSNT), BSc (Hons) (Melb), BLitt (Melb), NHAA, AAOH, CMA

Naturopath, Herbalist, Biopuncturist & Bioresonance practitioner


I have a torn tendon in my shoulder

I went to see Katherine and have a session on the CoRe system and just with the first session I had relief…

I had tried everything.. acupuncture, massage, chiropractor, osteopath.. with these modalities I had slight pain relief, but with the CoRe system I felt amazing…

Katherine used the electrodes and then the magnetic full shoulder pad… I could not feel anything .. no vibration nothing.. so I did not think it was working….

When the treatment finished I stayed and had a cup of tea with Katherine and I was completely blown away that I had full movement without pain…. I have had 4 sessions with Katherine and I only have very very slight pain if I do gardening … but in everyday movement I do not have any pain… the CoRe machine is fantastic!

I am so happy with the treatment that I have taken my 14 year old son to Katherine.. he is a footballer and has torn his shoulder tendon playing football … I will keep you updated as we have x rays to show the injury and are going to see how much CoRe can help with the pain relief for him too.


Hello Katherine,

I have just listened to the sample of relaxation / healing that you have made for the CoRe new bit…..and I must say I am very impressed…. This is probably the best relaxing healing voiced cd I have come across…..and I have trialed quite a few over the years ( often with disappointments, due to armatures masquerading as professionals)..

Really excellent ……..and the DNA healing 528 Hz music frequencies behind it are a clever addition….

So, take a bow and feel valued even more by the collective consciousness for what will show up as individual yet collective benefits across the planet as we continue on.


Much love……JohnD


We would like to express our most humble thanks to Katherine who has gone above and beyond her role as a distributor to being a facilitator and educator of all who purchase a system through her. The CoRe Inergetix system contains so much potential to aid humanity and it is the responsibility of all who purchase it to become as proficient as possible in its use. Without Katherine’s brilliant mind and generous heart, our ability to achieve the excellence required to help people in chronic and debilitating situations would have been a long and drawn – out journey. Her knowledge is impeccable and enables truly amazing clinical results. So Katherine, here is to many fulfilling years of ahead of working with people on their journey to true health – Salute!

Rachel (Chiropractor / Kinesiologist) and Stefan Presetti (Reiki Master)

Paradigm Health Group

Canberra: 0403 884 077 or (02) 6162 4102 (Vitality Centre)


Many thanks to Katherine and her assistants for the very helpful and instructional CoRe 6 course held in Melbourne recently.  The course was well planned, professionally run and held at the perfect venue.  The practical exercises gave me a good understanding of the many features new to CoRe 6 and it’s many applications.  While the course was wonderful, the accompanying manual will be a very valuable resource.  The detailed instructions and the screen shots in the manual will help reinforce the content of the course, but would also be a great stand-alone manual for anyone unable to attend a course.  I benefitted immensely from interacting with the other participants who all use the CoRe to enhance their varied healing modalities so using in it in different ways. While sharing their experiences they illuminated the great diversity of this system.

I have built a relationship with Katherine via the phone since I decided to purchase the system so it was lovely to finally meet her in person.  The support  she has given has been incredible and she genuinely wants everyone to get the most they possibly can out of the Inergetix-CoRe.  It seems like nothing is too much for her, which has definitely made the whole process a lot easier for me.

I look forward to attending any future courses run by Katherine.

Ann Timperley
Albany, Western Australia

Australasian Institute - 1st global CoRe Training Institute

Dear Katherine and Tom, Many thanks for the opportunity to participate in the CoRe v 6 seminar in Melbourne on 29-30 October 2011! Your training enhanced my understanding of the CoRe generally and especially took me to the “depths” of CoRe 6 in a profound way. The theory and “hands on” approach facilitated the integration of practice and theory in a splendid way. The comprehensive CoRe V 6 Manual and an additional Manual were excellent and easy to follow allowing me to follow the training in an easy manner and later at home to go through particular sections again. Additional support from Caroline and Tracey were excellent and well received.

It was great to be among “like minded” colleagues and share their experiences and wisdom. Working together with CoRe strengthens our connection with each other and all life. Thank you all for allowing me to grow!

The venue was spacious and pleasant allowing each of us enough room for our CoRe equipment and practical work. Venue staff were friendly and helpful creating a wonderful atmosphere. Overall I can say that the weekend was a special treat! With thankful heart,Marjatta Salonen, Sydney, Australia

Dear Katherine, I just want to thank you for conducting the CoRe version 6 training last weekend. I would also like to thank Caroline for helping and supporting your teaching. You make a fabulous team working together. I hope she can work with you in the future. The training enabled me to become competent at using V6 and you were able to clear up some issues I was struggling with. I now feel competent to use the system, and combined with the DLE philosophy, I feel I am able to make the shifts for people that I was looking for. The weekend was invaluable. Thank you very much.Kindest regards, Lisa Boon.

Thank you Katherine, You know how hard it was for me, to make the right decision in buying the right healing equipment..Well my choice could not have been any better. With all the ongoing professional training and technical and phone support from you and fellow Core users, I have never felt not once in the dark.. Very proud to be a member of this community.. One year on has been amazing journey for me and my friends and family also my clientele I have helped people recover from all different challenges. With thanks to Kiran and yourself.. For making life a better place.. Sincerely yours, Wendy Gilbert-Grey

I had the pleasure of attending the my first CoRe v6 workshop, this weekend 29th &30th of Oct 2011. Inergetix- CoRe v6 Practitioner Training presented by Australian Institute of Health & Healing P/L. Being new to using the CoRe v6 and all it is! has been challenging for me so this workshop has been long awaited for me and so Saturday first day of seminar I was shown an amazing amount of info which was effective and very beneficial in my use of the CoRe v6 Program, The Trainer, Katherine and the facilitator on Saturday Caroline Mills was easy to follow as she took us through all the steps and the pace was comfortable. Being able to navigate the CoRe v6 program with hands on approach works for me, step by step going through each phase of what the CoRe6 has to offer anchors the procedure effectively. The group doing the seminar I found amazing, great energy all of them I was very happy to be one of them. Being able to meet the other CoRe users and find out some amazing things they are working with expanded the whole weekend for me this was a bonus. Julie Sutton, Spirit of Renaissance, Energy Consultant, Body/Mind & Informational Therapy. goldenspirit@bigpond.com Melbourne Australia.

Hi Katherine, I just wanted to send you a quick mail to thank you and Tom for putting together the seminar. It is fantastic that you decided to do all this work. I think we all appreciated it. I have been using the CoRe for a while. But coming on the weekend taught me all these things I have never used, because I never got around to find out myself. So I am very grateful for all your work and the people who helped you. I am looking forward to the web-inars. Kind regards Monika Thanks again, was lots of fun.

We would like to express our most humble thanks to Katherine who has gone above and beyond her role as a distributor to being a facilitator and educator of all who purchase a system through her. The CoRe Inergetix system contains so much potential to aid humanity and it is the responsibility of all who purchase it to become as proficient as possible in its use.Without Katherine’s brilliant mind and generous heart, our ability to achieve the excellence required to help people in chronic and debilitating situations would have been a long and drawn – out journey. Her knowledge is impeccable and enables truly amazing clinical results. So Katherine, here is to many fulfilling years of ahead of working with people on their journey to true health–Salute! Rachel (Chiropractor / Kinesiologist) and Stefan Presetti (Reiki Master) Paradigm Health Group Canberra: 0403 884 077(02) 6162 4102 (Vitality Centre)

Dear Dr Katherine Tassioulas. I want to thank you again for your willingness and support in putting the Core6 program on my computer,just prior to the Inergetix Core Practitioner Training.I know you must have numerous things to attend to at this time just a week away from the Training, I appreciate your generosity, with your time and Knowledge.I feel ready now,I am looking forward to the weekend and learning more about what the Core6 is about. Kind Regards Julie Sutton Spirit of Renaissance Energy Body/Mind Consultant

Practitioner Training Seminar October 2010

Hi Everyone

We would just like to let you know that the Practitioner Training Course in Melbourne Australia was a great success.

Thomas and I would like to thank all the CORE and some soon to be CORE users that came from Melbourne and all over Australia to attend our training. We had people flying from Western Australia, New South Wales, Queensland and one that made a special trip from Queensland to Tasmania to Melbourne to be with us…. You are a delightful group to work with..

Everyone at the course is looking forward to Kirans seminar in Melbourne on the 19th and 20th of February 2011.

Our next practitioner training will be from the 1st to the 3rd of April 2011…

Some of the emails we received after the seminar are below:

We attended Dr Katherine Tassioulas Practitioner training for the Core Inergetix System and highly recommend it to anyone using Core. As new learners of the system her training was an excellent head start about how to run sessions, create groups and trays for specific reasons. Katherine had a huge amount of knowledge to offer and was really open to taking the group where they needed to go in their learning. I would strongly recommend new practitioners wanting to get a head start and leap frog off a very knowledgeable practitioner, or an existing practitioner that wants to learn how to use the system professionally either on themselves or with clients – attend her courses, they are well worth every cent and more! – Caroline Mills & Tracey Penington

Caroline Mills, Managing Director, Gordian Global Solutions

Hi Katherine,

Thank you to you and Thomas for the weekend seminar, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

It gave me the opportunity to appreciate and to some extent understand the great potential that the Core Inergetix System. Kind Regards Pradeep

Dear Katherine & Thomas,

It was such a pleasure and privilege of meeting you both and attending to the Inergetix-CoRe Practitioner Training Course.

The content of the seminar was comprehensive enabling me to understand and work with the informational and energetic medicine. I was impressed with the delivery of the sessions by Katherine, who with her expertise in the field was able to convey the key principles of the system which were further clarified with excellent practical examples. “Hands on” approach was excellent with each participant able to work in their own work station & CoRe system and put into use the practical demonstrations provided by Katherine. I enjoyed the display and demonstrations of various Inergetix-Core System items, such as Health Navigator, Plasma Generator & other hardware additions, electrodes and magnetic applicators. I was fortunate for being provided a hardcopy of the Inergetix-Core Practitioner Training Course package as well as electronic versions of several practitioner related documents such as Health Navigator Instruction Manual, Therapeutic Goods Advertising Code and many more.

The venue of the course was of first class with a spacious seminar room, excellent food and catering. It was a “special treat” to be among so many CoRe users and learn from each others.

My heartfelt thanks to you both and all the attendees for allowing me to expand myself further.

Warm greetings, Marjatta


Hi Katherine,

I would like to thank you and Thomas for presenting an outstanding workshop.

The practitioner training was first class, so was the venue and thank you for our complimentary lunches which I know were not included in the price of the seminar.

You were able to present in a professional way the applications of the Inergetix-CORE system in a way that we could all understand and you were very patient when some students asked the same question time and time again…

You went out of your way to stop and help people understand in a practical way and helped us all understand the possibilities of CORE well beyond our first understanding.

I know some people like myself have had the system for quite some time but you opened our eyes to the endless possibilities of using the system

I am definitely going to use this in my practice.

I am happy to come along to any other course that you may have on the CORE as you are a professional in both your attitude in helping people and your teaching…

It was also great that you went to so much trouble to bring along all your equipment to show us all how to connect the applicators.

The training book was great… some 60 pages! I found an endless stream of knowledge was poured into this book and thank you for that…

The presentation slides were wonderful and the group of people were all very happy with the course and the CORE system…

We look forward to coming to the seminar in February with Kiran and please can you also set a date for the next Practitioner Training Course maybe twice a year? No one really cared if they got a certificate or not, they were just interested in the training and application….

as I know many of the students said they would like to come along… “even if you taught basket weaving” your professional and caring attitude far exceeded any other presenters course that we have attended…

We all know that you went to allot of trouble to have Informational Medicine approved and we know it is or will be an ongoing thing…. but your explanation and the fact that you included all of us in the information of what was happening and where you are up to with that, made us feel very special, thank you.

Your attitude to include us all in the training, information, and everything about CORE was great…. your passion of the system emanates from you when you speak about the CORE and the applications… you are a great ambassador for Inergetix… You gave us all your contact details, and told us to call you email you or telephone text you if we needed to goes far beyond what anyone would do, they just present a course and then that is it.

You provided so much help and support to many of us there at anytime we needed you is a blessing.

The fact that you organised all the desks with everything that we could possibly need to use our systems at the course was great …

Thank you for everything, Helen Connor


Dear Katherine,

I’m writing to thank you for your time and hard work in organising and carrying out the recent training that was conducted in Melbourne on the Inergetix technology.

The venue was excellent and the room was setup and catered for very well. The Accommodation in the hotel was great and all the staff were very helpful.

As a trainer myself in the corporate field, I understand the true pressures involved and the dedication it takes to organise, design, plan and deliver a great training session.

Katherine your training content, planning and delivery was informative, educating and clear. Due to this your training on this great technology will show within the people using it. From their many happy clients that continue to be exposed to the healing qualities, to the knowledge that is shared to help their fellow college.

All this will show in the future due to great training on your behalf.

On another subject I’d like to congratulate you on acquiring TGA approval For the Health navigator.

To now be recognised by government and corporate business Australia wide is a feat in itself. In corporate industry I personally understand the huge amount of time and funds that has been spent on your behalf to gain the relevant information and documentation to attain TGA approval. TGA approval is certainly not easy!

As I see it, this is a positive turning point for not only Inergetix Australia but for the Informational medicine field as a whole. With TGA approval for the Australasian region, businesses and their insurers from small to large can now be able to recognise and also utilise Inergetix CoRe practitioners for their ability to help businesses with their wellbeing programs.

Informational/energy medicine technology shall be taken more seriously within business industries due to the wider acceptance from insurance companies allowing businesses to go ahead with utilising Inergetix CoRe practitioners to help their clients staff, due to the technology having TGA approval.

We should all celebrate this great achievement as this starts a new era in informational medicine for Australia. Well done and thank you for your dedicated drive, late nights, hard work and customer support within Inergetixs.

Best regards,

Nigel Posselt

Oracleblue Pty ltd


Inergetix CoRe Practitioner & Training Specialist for Fortescue Metals Group www.fmgl.com.au Australia


Dear Katherine,

Thanks so much for the course this weekend. I find listening to the possibilities fascinating and amazing. I hope you get a rest after today as you have put in so much work for everyone to help them all.

Lots of love Lisa

This is from our dear friend and client Bee Anne who is also our MS client who is now riding a bicycle

“I attended the Inergetix seminar with Katherine 30/10/2010 at the Amora hotel. After the weekend was finished I came out of the course with the skills and basic knowledge to run my system comfortably. Katherine’s ability to train and teach a ten day course in two days was amazing, no one person was left behind and she made sure that all her details were available to everybody after the course for any further questions and information. Her passion for helping people achieve good health has given me the motivation and the excitement to run my system as professionally, efficiently and as smoothly as Katherine runs hers.”
Bree-arne Chamley


Hi Katherine

It truly was a pleasure to meet you and your husband. The course was very informative and your teaching skills very professional, I look forward to attending any other seminars in the future..

Truly yours, Wendy Gilbert-Grey


Hi Katherine,

Thanks for the fantastic seminar…..I learnt heaps and made a number of valuable contacts The booklet you gave us is comprehensive and easy to understand and your explanations of the workings of the Core were invaluable. The food and the venue was top class and I look forward to attending the next one.

thanks again, April


Dear Katherine,

I really enjoyed being present at the seminar. It was very knowledgeable and interesting. Also it was really good to meet so many people from all over Australia who are using the CoRe Inergetix. I recommend that we should have more training every six months or so. It keeps us in touch. Thank you and Tom for everything.
Regards, Ravindar Singh


Thank you to everyone for attending our course and making it a wonderful experience for all of us

Warm regards to all



Please be aware that the Inergetix-CoRe™ is not offered or intended to diagnose, cure, mitigate, prevent, or treat any disease or health condition and is not a medical device. Consult your primary health care provider if you are ill and/or require medical attention.

(See also Inergetix- Core Products Disclaimer below)

This “Disclaimer” will be a bit longer than the usual “Be aware that we are not treating or diagnosing any disease” because the real situation is more complex than that and the following is our point of view regarding it:

There are three major points to consider:

  1. In Modern Medicine, even after 200 years of successful therapeutic use of Homeopathy, which today is the medicine of choice for millions of people, the modality is considered just a placebo and in some states a medical doctor can even lose his license if he uses it.
  2. In Modern Medicine diseases are diagnosed using the most sophisticated energetic modalities, such as X-Ray, EEG, ECG, MRI, Thermography or Ultrasound. However, paradoxically Energy is only used in the crudest forms for therapy, such as in Radiation therapy, Lithotripsy, or Laser surgery.
  3. In Modern Medicine we have the knowledge that in every part of the body we can measure different potentials of electric and magnetic field strength (otherwise MRI for example would not be possible) and with sensitive spectrometers we can even trace photons that are generated by cell activity, but paradoxically, the concept of energy medicine does not exist. Analogically a car mechanic could not work without knowledge of electricity.
  4. Despite the fact that we do not know of any complex modern machine that would work without software, medicine today does not even consider the existence of software in the functioning of biological systems and therefore, also does not research software bugs as the cause of disease. The concept of Informational Medicine is not even part of the program of study in medical schools or the database of the FDA.

We could continue this list of obvious paradoxes but this is enough to make it clear that everyone entering this area of energetic or informational medicine is leaving the field of conventionally accepted truth and is entering a largely uncharted territory.

In the field of alternative medicine we find the best and the worst, so a much greater degree of responsibility is required of the interested therapist as well as the client in making their choices. This is because the peer pressure that results from enough competition is still lacking. For example, in the field of established medicine a much larger number of practitioners and researchers are checking on each other, thus guaranteeing a much more even standard of quality.

In general we advise that those who want certainty and fool-proof solutions should not get involved in this field, no matter how cleverly marketing people want to prove the scientific basis of their methods or the certainty of beneficial results. The first people who went on a ship destined for the new world of America knew that they were taking a chance, but these people found the “Land of the brave and the free”. Let’s not deviate from this principle in a field where it really matters, that of health.

At Inergetix we try to be as open as we can about the basis and prospects of energy and informational medicine. We do not pretend that our system works with new forms of energy as systems like Tachyon, Scalar, Psi-, Hado-, Chi-, Ki-, Alpha-energy do. These are not based on advanced scientific concepts like Morphological-, Nonlinear-, Vacuum-, Zeroenergy-, Trivector, Quantum-fields or one of the countless other terminological inventions, that no other companies have found a way to explain in practice.

On the contrary, we simply explain that the informational data-acquisition is based on the statistical analysis of random events and that, by searching for repeating patterns (and not only those of hyperbolic-logarithmic proportions as in Global Scaling (http://www.global-scaling-institute.de/50-1-Publications.html) the holographic nature of all existence is uncovered and can be used for comparison and evaluation of coincidences. We do not hide the fact that the same process is applied by the brain of trained psychics in the reading of what is, otherwise, considered “random” patterns such as those of the palm, the iris, the foot, the blood, or any other part of the body.

As in every other field of life, there are also many people in this area who want to benefit from the suffering of others by selling their medicine, devices, or therapies without proper warnings about their widely unknown success rate, or the non-comparable nature of the methods and theories involved in comparison with that of established science. Newspapers are no different, as they also try to benefit from the suffering of others, but should we therefore banish newspapers? Where there is a lot of light there will always be a lot of darkness.

The FDA is not designed to be an independent research organization and simply represents the knowledge of the conventional medical schools (FDA.org). Devices like “Bioresonance”, which have been used for half a century in most countries of the world by thousands of practitioners, do not even exist in a device-category in the vast database of the FDA. (This is indirect proof of how harmlessness this and other modalities are because, in comparison, almost every known drug is recorded there along with details of their most disastrous side effects in individual cases).

The terrible instances, listed in some newspaper articles, present a selection of examples of patients who did not use their common sense to research the validity of claims that have been made, of practitioners who mislead their clients by presenting their methods as a panacea and by manufacturers who feast on the contemporary religious belief in scientific terminology.

Having stated this, we are back to where we started; we have to be aware and make others aware that this area is still on the edge of contemporary science and world view and is not for everyone to get involved with – an informed choice needs to be made that can only be made by the individual.

To give an even greater choice in this respect, we are offering three versions:

  1. The CIS is the standalone version of the Informational evaluation and balancing part of our Inergetix-CoRe system. With it nobody can state or prove that any harm can be done with a computer program alone, as long as the linguistic rules on our guideline page below are observed.
  2. The Inergetix-Basic, in addition to the CIS also has the possibility, in common with our competitors, to use the output of one’s computer’s sound card for balancing. The sound of one’s laptop or the millivolts associated with its output, even if applied with electrodes, is not even perceptible. (In comparison, electric fences around cow pastures which anyone can touch carry 10 thousand volts)
  3. The Inergetix-Advanced uses a sophisticated Arbitrary Wave Generator to create wave patterns of up to 12 Volts amplitude. This setup has been used for about half a century by thousands of practitioners often with remarkable success stories. However, Rife and its devices have at times been the target of FDA investigations, not, to our knowledge, because they did any harm (what harm can be done by the output of a 12 Volt car battery?) but because therapists who thought they were GOD and could treat and cure anything, misrepresented their skills or persuaded their clients to stop other forms of treatment. (ANYONE WHO SUFFERS FROM ELECTROMAGNETIC SENSITIVITY or has a pacemaker should not be treated with the energetic part of the CoRe system ... ... if you are not sure about such possible sensitivities consult your professional health practitioner first, for advice)

Our company did not receive the severe backlash that other manufacturers experienced, for two reasons: first that we were very careful not to make illegitimate claims and, second, because our devices are inherently very harmless even when compared with well-proven medical drugs.

However, to solidify this positive track record we have put together a list of guidelines that all therapist and their clients should observe in order not to endanger themselves or to come into conflict with established legal practice.

We hope that this disclaimer brings more honesty to the whole field and the possibilities for making more informed decisions for both the clients and therapist.

Please remember as outlined in the Inergetix Mission statement we believe with the majority of the scientific community that beneficial physical effects of Informational medicine are Coincidental - we did not intend nor expect it but solely were treating mind, soul and spirit of our clients.