SPA Applications

Our SPA MODULE is specifically customized for the SPA INDUSTRY, WELLNESS CENTRES & RESORTS

Upon your request we consult with you about your needs & then customise & design a SPA module or modules specifically for you and your products.

Each customised Spa module is created with:

  1. Your expertise in mind,
  2. The  specific therapies that your Wellness Centre , Resort and the Spa have to offer
  3. Your product range for each of your clients, specific and customised product range can be included in this module also
  4. The treatments you have available
  5. Frequency of treatments for your client’s issues
  6. All your needs can be customised and can be incorporated into your Spa module and this makes all your treatments very special

We consult with Wellness Centres, Spas and Resorts all over the world

We provide training for all our Wellness Centres , Resorts and Spas and ongoing support

With all upgrades, more training is provided and our specialist support team is here to help and support you

In house training is provided to our clientele and also we set up the systems and train and qualify your staff  too