Services We Provide
Katherine Tassioulas:

Katherine Tassioulas is the Certification Director, International Trainer, and Distributor for Inergetix-CoRe

What our company can provide for you
  1. We provide consultations: by appointment in person and on online
  2. Online, we can Skype or telephone each other and we can allow you access to our computer for you to see a demonstration of how the system works... of have your consultation online with us at a given time
  3. Distant Healing, we will take all your details and send distant healing to you for a period of time, then we would be in contact with you again and review how you are feeling and what else we need to address, and on what levels, be it emotional, spiritual, physical etc
  4. Business and Corporate consultations, we can examine and address any issues or evaluate what your needs are in business
  5. We provide free consultations to practitioners wanting to set up a clinic and advise them of their needs for the particular modality they want to work in
  6. We can provide you with consultations to help you understand how the equipment works, what products are best suited to your modality, or clinic or practice.. and if you are using the system for personal use, we advise you on what you would need.
  7. Spa industry, we can train, you and your staff on all the applications of the system and we can customise the system to your needs, your treatments and your products
  8. Customised Specialist Training:  We can come into your spa/clinic/practice and we can train you and your staff in the use of the system
  9. Professional Practitioner Workshops
  10. Online Training
  11. Webinars
  12. Free online training
  13. Customising you CoRe program: Customised training in v5 & v6:  We also provide practitioner level training for anyone that is using CoRe v5 we can provide this service in person or by webinars
  14. Customising for business: No matter what industry you are in, we are always there to help you customise the CoRe to your needs. 
  15. Creating modules: Creating modules, resonances and screens in your chosen field,  Even though the core is one of the most advanced systems in the world today, we still have users that would like to customise their core program, some users just want a module with their favourite resonances, others want something more specific.. The core allows you to do this, and if you like we can do this for you. Example “My favourite Resonances”  or you may have a family pet “Kito’s screen” only your imagination will limit you in the application of the Inergetix-CoRe System.
  16. We hope that you will join us either in person or online for your training