Hair Electrode
Hair Electrode & Veterinary Electrode
Applies resonant frequencies on hair and fur, suitable for animals as well as people

Cosmetic and Facial Electrode
Cosmetic and Facial Electrode
Applies resonant frequencies on skin to stimulate circulation, improve skin tone, minimize the appearance of wrinkles
Acupuncture Electrode
Acupuncture Electrode
Applies resonant frequencies to acupuncture points and meridians
Roller Electrode
Roller Electrode
Applies resonant frequencies while massaging along muscles and body parts
Wrist/Ancle Electrodes
Light-Weight Wrist/Ankle Electrodes
Enable the client to be physically connected to the system during the analysis. Plastic, in the style of SCIO/LIFE (but not recommended if you can get our superior gold hand electrodes)

High Frequency Generator

This new HF Generator has a slimmer design with an impressive 12 Mega Hertz generator which means 12 million cycles per second in three different wave forms. This is 10 Million Hz higher maximum frequency than our previous model. With our Interface you can connect BNC applicators directly or deviate requencies lower than 20 KHz into the Health Navigator to drive sound, light and magnetic applicators or the Plasma Generator. Different from any comparable device, it is driven not by pre-defined generic frequencies but by client-specific requencies that are determined in real time bythe CoRe evaluation. Equally important, the HF Generator is built with dual channel technology that applies simultaneously 2 requencies to achieve the DLE effect that sets thee effectiveness of CoRe requency therapy way above that of conventional technologies.

Stainless Steel Electrodes

High quality stainless steel electrodes are included with the Health Integrator
Package for sensible electro-magnetic therapy. Clients will feel the electromagnetic
frequencies which can be modulated according to sensitivity.


MindResonator LED eyeglasses create life-giving interferences with the CoRe system
playing 2 frequencies in synchronicity thus creating the Dynamic Labile Equilibrium
effect, using the CoRe algorythms to find the 2 resonant patterns of frequencies that
match a specific client. With the CoRe system and Health Navigator or Health Integrator,
both sides of the brain are controlled separately as the Right Eye is predominantly
connected to the left hemisphere and the left eye to the right hemisphere. Using the
MindResonators amplifies any other treatment you do with the CoRe system – be it
electric or magnetic.

Conductive Headband & Wrist Electrodes

The forehead is another natural area for reading energies. Different from traditional
EEG measurements, the CoRe system goes one step further to apply frequencies
found through informational biofeedback with resonant Eigen-frequencies measured
with the LaesEr Bioresonance system. Like the conductive mat, the forehead
band and wrist electrodes are made with washable, flexible and conductive material.

Conductive Mat Electrode

This approximately 12x12 inch mat is made with an innovative conductive fabric and
silver thread. Machine washable with adjustable Velcro closing, it has superior conductivity
as it molds perfectly to the body contour. It applies or measures electric
signals and can be used as a foot electrode or it can be placed anywhere on the body.