Plasma Generator

The Plasma Generator uses modulated plasma light to deliver energies and the information they carry deep into the tissues of the person sitting in front of the discharge tubes. We use twenty differently colored tubes filled with different noble gases to supply the carrier wavelength with color therapy. Along with sound therapy, the Plasma Generator can be used with subjects that are not able to hold the hand electrodes, including animals, plants, and soil. It was with light that well-know pioneers in frequency therapy had their greatest successes.

Colour therapy is used by orthodox and alternative medicine. Recent scientific evidence suggests that light is emitted by every cell in our bodies. Colour therapy says that the symptoms of imbalance are a sign that there is a shortage or improper utilization of colour and light in the cells and organs of the human body, due to a range of factors including our lifestyle, our environment, stress, or too much or too little of a particular colour frequency in our energy system. Such imbalance can be corrected by the selective use of colon frequencies. The Inergetix-CoRe System can find and output resonant colours as well as resonant frequencies.