LaesEr Bioresonance

LaesEr is the acronym for Life Amplification by Energy Stimulation & Elevated Resonance.

The LaesEr Bioresonance System differs from all others on the market in that it uses measurable and sensible energies. It uses the new principle of E-resonance: Elevated-Resonance. This system integrates Energy stimulation with Elevated response. We know it is not enough to stimulate the body with neutral energy as it is done in almost all forms of complimentary or conventional energetic therapy. It is not enough to feed back an inverted signal to the body as is done in conventional Bioresonance practice as this is allopathic. To be effective, external energy needs to merge with internal energy in a feedback loop.

The LaesEr Bioresonance device can work in 3 configurations:

1. Stand- alone: it does what any Bioresonance system does: feeds inverted or non-inverted client frequencies back to the client – verifiable with any oscilloscope.

2. Together with the Health Integrator: it can drive any of our magnetic, electric or LED applicators with the frequencies of the client in real time.

The Health Integrator has also a Laser output of the same frequencies.

3. Together with Health Integrator or Health Navigator and the CoRe system software: it can supply client specific frequencies found with the CoRe algorithm as “Stimulating energy” and then return the response of the client in a feedback loop for neuro-stimulation properly synthesized with the client's own frequencies.

LasEr Electric Bioresonance Therapy

The LasErBioresonance device adds to the existing informational therapy an energetic neurofeedback biofeedback function.

To transfer information; energy is modulated with information in a way that can be received. The frequency range and pattern has to be client specific. This is done by extracting one component of the signal from the electromagnetic signal emitted by a given body part, that is then shown quantitatively on the LED bar in the Neuro-feedback display or shown as a Fast Fourier Spectrum on the computer.

The carrier component that makes sure that the message can be read is then overlaid with the actual biofeedback signal that is generated as client specific.

Setup for LasEr Electric Bioresonance Therapy

or magnetic or light therapy with the respective applicator accordingly

Energetic Homeopathic Therapy is feedback to a persons’ own frequency without any inversions or additions to their individual frequency.

To perform

  1. Switch Inversion off (puts the system into homeopathic mode)
  2. Switch Stimulating frequency and Eigen frequency combiner to the lowest setting (this determines how much voltage goes to the clients electrodes)
  3. Set amplification level at 1
  4. Set Diagnostic in Therapy mode
  5. Connect body-sensor electrodes to the client. Two electrodes are required to close the circuit.
  6. Connect electric applicator
  7. Increase the amplification on the Amplification fine tuning dial and look for illumination on adjacent amplification scale. If there is none increase the amplification to 10. If there is still no illumination increase amplification to 100. If the orange light on the adjacent amplification scale is illuminated turn the Amplification fine tuning control down until it is not illuminated.
  8. Adjust the Stimulating frequency and Eigen frequency combiner to determine the voltage delivered.

Some clients may find it beneficial to adopt a position of crossing arms across the body and curling up.

Do not interact with the client whilst they are having this treatment.

Electric Homeopathic Therapy may be performed without connection to the computer.