LED Pads



LED applicators now available.

Light as the most potent carrier of information.

LED mats combining flexibility and dual-channel design.

We had previously announced the LED applicators, but we had some production challenges that did not allow us to generate the required quantities. This problem has now been solved, and the applicators are now available.


As you know, we don’t consider the actual energy content of our system to be the component that makes the change that causes healing. This approach, still common not only in conventional medicine but also in alternative medicine, is a result of our Western quantity and action-oriented culture. In the USA, the “more is better” concept has, in most instances, arrived at an absurd extreme. A small coffee at Starbucks or a small coke at McDonalds could easily serve two, not to speak of the MAX size. This has turned the USA into the culture with most overweight people who, of course, all only eat and drink the DIET version of everything.


In this “more is better” world, energy is not treated any differently. Small yet sensible, minute energies, as used in the CoRe system, cannot possibly have any healing effect. Maybe only radiation therapy, which almost kills, can possibly have any effect. Inergetix has accepted this dogma of established science and turned it in our favor.

We see energy differently than it has been seen in the last 50 years of energy medicine, not as the active factor but only as a carrier.

Information, which instructs, guides and triggers healing, comes from a higher level, no matter whether you call this the Self or the Spirit, because there is really no other lasting healing.

In this new view of our world, we reverse the picture of energy as being the key, the master, the substance that causes healing, and we see it as “only” the messenger, the agent, the medium, the channel. I repeat this over and over again as I know personally that this will take time and repetition to sink in because we all are informationally bound by a culture that historically overvalues not only matter but also energy.

Having looked at its limitations, we have a more sober way of looking at the differences, potential and function of energy in healing.

We know from the law of information that actually “less is more”.

Light is the finest energy we know and, for that reason, it also has the greatest potential for carrying information. Light can carry millions of times the amount of information that electricity can. That is the reason why Rife did not have his great results with electric applicators, which were the invention and simplification of his assistant Mr. Crane, but rather with the light from his plasma tubes.



There are quite a few LED light-applying systems on the market that already have a good track record, although none of them has any way to find client-specific frequencies. They all only employ pre-recorded sets of frequencies, using the allopathic approach of associating certain remedies (here frequencies) with specific diseases. Each manufacturer promotes its device for a list of diseases for which it had been effective. Just to give you some idea of the more standard ones, those that have been mentioned include skin irritation, muscle and nerve pain, seasonal affective disorder (SAD), chronic non-healing wounds, diabetic peripheral neuropathy, lymphedema, neck pain, osteoarthritis and ischemic stroke.

As in any other basically informational modality, one will eventually find that it “works for everything BUT” and this “but” is always overlooked because “in order to do so systematically, it has to be matched to the client.” How to modify informational therapy to match a client is the science of information and NOT of energy. This is our focus and forte. To learn more about the possibilities and laws of informational healing, one has first to be open to it and stop questioning and explaining everything in terms of the concepts of matter and energy. (I give an example of this chemistry-based mode of explanation below.)

However, in addition to the key advantage of light application with the CoRe system, there are two other major beneficial differences.

1. The system comprises 32 high-intensity LEDs that are embedded in a special silicone foam that is easy to clean and, more importantly, that is so flexible that it can even be bent around the wrist and secured with different lengths of the broad Velcro tape that come with it.

2. Also here we have built in our DLE principle in two uncommon ways. As we know, DLE depends on polarity to make flow and change possible. This is also the principle behind the cold and hot alternation of the famous German doctor, Kneipp. Here, however, we have its high-tech version in that the polarity is achieved by using 16 red and 16 infrared LEDs, which create a DLE of wavelength and intensity. Secondly, in the Health Navigator, we have achieved a dual-channel technology that at the same time allows for the creation of a very effective DLE frequency.