Health Navigator

Health Navigator is the next step in informational and energetic Medicine integration. It allows you to do:

  1. Sound therapy via Headphones or speakers
  2. TENS and electric frequency therapy via the attachment of one of our 8 different Electrodes
  3. Magnetic frequency therapy
  4. Light therapy with up to 2 Light array pads each containing 32 Red and 32 Infrared LED
  5. Plasma Light therapy as promoted by Royal Rife with our 20 tube Plasma Generator
  6. Extend the available Frequency range from 20 k Hertz to 2 Mega Hertz with the Arbitrary Frequency generator
  7. Inform Bracelets or Cards with energetic frequencies and/or selected information
  8. Therapy with Music and other wave-files that you record or that is provided by the CoRe system
Health Navigator Demo by Dr. Katherine Tassioulas

Introduction • DLE and Polarity • Hardware Connections • Sound and Light Frequency Therapy • Magnetic Applicators • LED Mat • Substance Informing & Imprinting • Q&A's

Health Navigator is today the only system that allows DUAL channel sensible application for Sound, Light, Electric and Magnetic Therapy where both channels are individually controllable with the 2 dials on the top.

This worldwide-first DUAL channel technology allows you to create a Dynamic Labile Equilibrium DLE that is promoted and Trademarked by Inergetix as the basis for Health.

The DLE is the way to reestablish a healthy holographic Interference Pattern.

And most importantly in conjunction with the CoRe system the Health Navigator is able to find client specific frequencies and has not to rely on the pre-recorded generic lists.