Health Integrator
  1. Integrates the patient into the healing process with the frequency files to be used at home that are generated by the S2 owner using the CoRe software version 6.0
  2. Integrates energetic and informational modalities for therapists who until now only could afford the CIS (CoRe informational Software)
  3. Integrates practitioners of other devices like SCIO, LIFE that until now only had sound output and non-sensible pseudo energetic therapy, without having to leave the software that they got used to, at minimal cost
  4. Integrates light, electric, magnetic and sound therapy in one device which allows the use of about 25 different applicator types in dual channel technology
  5. Integrates RIFE, TENS, Hulda Clark Zapper, Interference TENS, PERTH, PMRT Pulsating magnetic resonance therapy, LED, infrared therapy, binaural beat visual stimulation, in one device.
  6. Integrates treatment with music, a choice of more than 1000 sets of frequencies compiled for as many indications – a new chapter in medicine with uncharted possibilities
  7. Integrates work on the “Open Road” – the Health Integrator is battery operated
  8. Integrates practitioners who until now hesitated to work with uncertified equipment (Health Integrator will be also available in a medically certified version, just like the Health Navigator – for users that have the license to use medical equipment )

The basic package will include:

  1. Health Integrator
  2. Hand electrodes of high quality-medical grade stainless steel.
  3. Software that allows selection from more than 1000 indications from RIFE research, time tested sets of frequencies that can be broadcasted via electricity, light or magnetism.
  4. Starter library of wav files for download into your mp3 player or cell phone

More Details

  1. Sound output is transformed to light, electricity and magnetism
  2. Has dual-channel technology   
  3. Reaches frequencies up to 20KHz
  4. Our software version 6 will have a recording function that will allow S2 owners only to record frequencies found by CoRe and send them to clients via e-mail or memory stick as an MP3 file for energetic therapy at home.  
  5. The Heath Integrator is ideal for out-patient use, you can rent to clients for energetic therapy at home. 
  6. The Health Integrator is a separate unit unto itself; it does not give any

The Health Integrator is not a replacement to the Health Navigator

  1. It lacks the proprietary CoRe software
    1. key component that reproducibly detects resonant information for the client
  2. It lacks the Resonant Frequency and Biofeedback programs
    1. Key components that detects resonant and client specific frequencies
  3. It is battery operated
  4. It will come with the full CoRe software with all functions for a 7 day trial except the Disease Frequency program that will be permanent.