Diploma of Energetic & Informational Medicine™

The Australasian Institute of Health & Healing Pty. Ltd is proud to be presenting the
Diploma of Energetic & Informational Medicine™
in Australia and Europe this year

Are you interested in the emerging field of energetic medicine?

Are you interested in the emerging field of energetic medicine?

Do you wish to gain a foundational knowledge to better understand energetic medicine to help you decide your path with a specific modality?

Do you need a practitioner's certificate to demonstrate and consolidate your skills and allow you to get professional insurances?

Maybe you don't have the years of study to get you on the road of being an alternative health practitioner?

Maybe you need to work your exit plan from your Job whilst you work concurrently in building your new vocation?

You do not have to have a core Inergetix system to do this diploma course; you can do the diploma without the core system and gain qualifications.
There is no way around gaining experience but Katherine & Thomas feel their 40+ years of collective experience has contained many a wrong turn and ask the question why does everyone have to learn through mistakes. Their journey is very much shareable and has been condensed into 5 days of wisdom to give you that boost and leg up in your learning.
We have the answers . . .

With more than 20+ years and certifications in many modalities Katherine & Thomas have been able to create an abridged introductory course, spanning from the use of traditional approaches through to electro medicine and some experience of today's healing gadgets and gizmos.

With an educational background in training and certification marking, they have combined the best of their own talents to share with you.

Katherine and Thomas invite you along with training specialists to a 5 day valuable journey. This may be an opportunity to consolidate a lot of what you already know into a structured framework or the start and the step up you have been looking for to get your new practice grounded.

The Australasian Institute of Health & Healing Pty. Ltd is one of the accredited trainers of the Diploma of Energetic & Informational Medicine, with the Institute of Energetic & Informational Medicine.

Diploma in Energetic & Informational Medicine
   Core Subjects
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Informational Medicine
  • Energetic Medicine
  • Communication Skills (Level 1)
  • Counselling (Level 1)
  • Bio-Energetic Medicine
  • Energetic & Informational Medicine in relationship to the CoRe (Level 1)
  • Energetic & Informational Medicine - Advanced Applications
  • Systems & Client Management
  • Integrated Project
  • Introduction to Orthomolecular Medicine, Psycho-Nutrition
  • Flower Remedies
  • Bio Chemic Tissue Salts
  • Nominal hours are 200
This workshop
  • Is Hands on
  • Open to everyone
  • Qualifies the participant in the Diploma of "Energetic & Informational Medicine" upon completion of the workshop and associated assignments
  • Take the participant from Student to Professional Practioner
  • An Inergetix CoRe system not an essential requirement to completing the course
  • Gives you one year free membership into the Institute of Energetic & Informational Medicine, and you will also be able to apply for insurance for this Modality
It has taken 2 years to have this modality approved by both the Institute of Energetic & Informational Medicine, and also the Insurance Company. Our team approached many insurance companies and none would insure the students if they only knew how to operate a system, so we had to develop a course and this is it.
  • If you want to practice as and Energetic & Informational Medicine Practitioner, then you need to do this Diploma course and enable yourself to have insurance and a recognised modality.
  • This is an excellent course for the users that do not have a qualification, and wish to practice professionally, some even opening up a clinic or practice.
  • Upon satisfactory completion of the course, the user becomes qualified in this field.
  • The Diploma is accredited by the Institute of Energetic & Informational Medicine and the institute has accredited the Australasian Institute of Health & Healing to train students in this field.
Format of Training Program
The Course will be delivered through a combination of workshop based training and self-directed learning using a Training Manual and referenced text books, Web based research. It is anticipated that the course would be delivered over a 12 month period. Although participants can work at their own pace after the initial 5 day workshop.

The training will be delivered in a 5 day workshop and be supported by self-directed learning using Learning Activities and Case Studies provided in the Training Manual. In the future, Practitioners unable to attend the workshops will be able to undertake the training through self-directed learning using the Training Manual with tutor telephone and web/on line support.

Please remember this is a Diploma Course, not a seminar or just a workshop or certificate course.

The course has been accredited by the Institute of Energetic and Informational Medicine and the modality has been accepted by an insurance company

For more information on the course, dates, prospectus and costing please contact:
Dr Thomas Edward at courses@aihh.net or
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